You still know us under the name “UP” or Umwelt Platform”? During the lengthy Corona period, we gave it some thought. We realised that the name no longer suits us. We are national, work in 4 languages, are dynamic, positive and want to keep it simple: From now on we are called GreenUp and appear stronger, greener and more connected! Since everything got a bit quieter and we were no longer allowed to organise events, you didn’t hear much about us. But with our new appearance we are changing that right now. 

The last few months we have been busy expanding our activities. We are very proud to be able to organise GreenUp events in Sion and Lugano, in addition to Basel, Zurich, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Solothurn, Locarno and Davos. Our community of over 50 volunteers is growing steadily. We strive every day to motivate as many people as possible to make their lives easier.

In addition to our popular event series, such as FoodbyFoot, Circular Safari or Disco Soup, we also have some bigger projects coming up. Browse through our website to find out more. As you may already know, we focus on the following six topics during our events and projects: 

– Zero Waste & Circular Economy

– Living, Building & Energy

– Local & Sharing Economy

– Mobility & Leisure

– Food 

– Urban Green

– Happy Frugality (generic)

Thanks to the clarity of our new website, you can now find our resources, tips and tricks for a simpler everyday life more quickly. Are you interested in volunteering and helping us achieve our goals together? Then sign up now as a volunteer in the city of your choice!