Sharing Economy in Davos!
A successful pop-up store (yet again) 


We would like to thank everyone who helped out and visited our “Simply more PopUp store” early December 2022 at the Panorama Hotel in Davos. The Panorama will feature apartments starting this winter, and therefore many of their pre-loved items had to find a new home. Together we managed to find a warm home for hundreds of smaller items and also many bigger furniture. Items ranged from plates to Christmas decoration, from leather chairs to lamps, from pianos to carpets, and many many more items..

To ensure that we all start to really value used items, we asked people to donate what it was worth to them, plus several things were also offered for free! 

The donations that we collected will be re-invested in local social and sustainable projects throughout 2023.

Households in and around Davos who live at the existential minimum had the opportunity to come to the PopUp store to pick up furniture and items they needed free of charge.

And that such occasions do not only help to keep items in a loop, but also create opportunities was demonstrated when Panorama and 2 people of a migrant family agreed upon some temporary work to prepare for the PopUp!

It’s always a lot of work to turn dusty things in a basement into pre-loved items, but when you finally manage to do, and make people happy, it gives a lot of satisfaction!” – Thais Daddario, GreenUp Volunteer in Davos

There is a last opportunity over the next few weeks  to pick up some items that are still left, such as white leather armchairs, red & black leather sofas, glass tables, beer fridge, antique wooden clock & furniture, piano and a Kallax cabinet.

Please follow and get in touch with @greenhubdavos directly to see what exactly is left.

And for all lovers from pre-loved items, in Davos and elsewhere … we have 4 tips! 

💚 Davos: Before, during and after the WEF 2023, GreenUp is active to support sustainable behaviour. With its GreenShare project, it will reshare items and materials that are left-over from the WEF with local people and projects.

💚 Swissgerman Part: check out ShareItt; an app for sharing items based on points. With already over 1500 items, mostly around Zürich, Luzern, Bodensee, but also Winterthur and Davos .. and soon also Basel, there is a lot to choose from! 

💚 Switzerland: Check out one of the many flea markets that take place regularly in most cities. Sometimes you can find true gems at a very little price.   

💚 Switzerland: Try out a secret santa in your family or your team passing on only pre-loved items.

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