GreenUp is a collaboration between many great people. We have a team of special people working part-time but with all their hearts on our mission, some paid and some unpaid. As we are an association, our Board gives direction and works with the team on concrete issues and projects. And last but not least, we have a very dynamic group of volunteers who form the core of the association.


Nicole Keller

Managing Director, Climate Hub, Davos projects (Davos)

I love being amazed by the beauty of nature over and over again, be it while foraging for mushrooms with my children or when snowboarding in the forests of Davos.


Anaïs Campion

Coordinator Romandie, Workshops (Lausanne)

I’m a committed environmentalist and I like to contribute to new sustainable initiatives to support biodiversity conservation and climate initiatives. I believe in developping simple solutions to reduce our daily consumption. Creating the world of tomorrow begins with each of our actions. We’re part of the solution.


Jenna Mattich

Coordinator Ticino, Workshops (Lugano)

I am a gastronome who is passionate about food, plant-based cooking, travel and nature. Collaborating for GreenUp allows me to actualize sustainability through various projects. The earth provides enough resources to meet every human’s needs. If we learn to live by respecting nature’s principles, we can ensure not only ourselves, but future generations and the ecosystem survive and regenerate.


Eniko Halo

Project Manager “GoSimple” (Basel)

I believe in initiatives enabling mindset change in individuals and communities to drive toward a more sustainable future. My motto is “Energy flows where attention goes”. Accordingly, I pay attention to reducing my personal and societal environmental impact improving the resource efficiency of my life, and making positive changes around me. I love spending time outdoors with my family and immersing myself in nature in a mindful way.


Maurizio Bianchi

Coordinator Germanspeaking Switzerland  Workshops (Zurich)

I am a curious person who likes to exchange creative ideas in the spirit of a sustainable lifestyle. Let’s find out together how even the smallest changes in behavior can have a positive impact on nature and the environment.


Yannick Deasse

Intern Workshops Swiss Romandie (Ins/Bern)

We have a marvellous landscape in Switzerland, with mountains, valleys, lakes and beautiful vegetation. I love observing them on my walks, by cycle or by train.



Renée LaPlante


I’m passionate about education, inspiration and collaboration for a net negative and regenerative future. GreenUp brings Switzerland together and shows us all local ways to live lighter and happier with less. This day-to-day embodiment is what will make our future truly sustainable, so that’s why I support GreenUp!


Heather Moore

Communications & Marketing

My happy place is in the mountains, high up enjoying the view or swimming in clear, fresh water. These environments are so fragile, and I want future generations to be able to enjoy them as much as I do, which is why I’m working with GreenUP.


Victor Vogt


We need to change to give our children the best future. That’s why I love to find new ways to do things better and share it with others. Simplicity is the soul of happiness.



We have a really cool group of volunteers and a few friends. Here you see some of them at our spring-brunch at WWF Switzerland. Learn more about volunteering at GreenUp!

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