Many beauty products contain ingredients that can be harmful to the environment and us humans too. GreenUp has been organising various interactive workshops for anyone who wishes to find sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in their bathrooms, in their kitchens and in their cleaning cabinets.


Switzerland is considered the water palace of Europe and a very clean country. But is our beautiful castle as clean as we think? The littering problem undoubtedly exists here too! GreenUp is working together with the WWF Switzerland on commissioned riverbed cleanups, and is running on WWF behalf various cleanups around Zurich and Romandie.

Zero Waste Workshops

What can you make with just a few very common ingredients such as bicarbonate soda, coconut oil, vinegar, coffee grounds, cornstarch, and some drops of essential oils?

You would be surprised that you can create most of your basic cleaning and hygiene products with just those few ingredients, such as toothpaste, deodorant, body peeling, and general cleaning products.


Davos Tourism Board, Mondays during summer – Davos:

The GreenHub in Davos allows for “sustainability to blossom”. The space features a swapping corner, a zero waste wall, a co-working space and is opened on a regular basis for events, workshops and meetings. The hub is a space to share great projects regarding sustainability, to work together on new ideas and to host various events.

Allianz, August 2022 – Kemptthal 

Under the motto “Eyes on tomorrow”, Allianz Insurances organised a big company event, where we run various zero waste workshops, inspiring the participants to live happier and healthier with less.

Next Generations, September 2022 – Nidau

Sustainable concepts, business models and innovations will be presented at the Next Generations Symposium. GreenUp is teaching the participants how to make home made zero-waste products.

Riverbanks & lakeshore cleanups

Riverbanks and lakeshores are particularly affected: The “Swiss Litter Report” has shown with over 1,000 surveys that considerable amounts of litter can be found on Swiss water banks. Wind or flood causes this waste to end up in the waters and can thus be transported into the sea. Plastic and other waste are not only an aesthetic problem, but a concrete danger for animals and also humans. Together with the WWF Switzerland, we would like to contribute to solving this problem. On a “clean up” afternoon, we will clean a section of a shore, categorise the waste, dispose of it properly and also get inputs about water ecology from our experts. 


Mastercard, August 2022 – Zurich

On August 19th 2022 three GreenUp Team Members took part in a Riverbank cleanup organised by WWF Switzerland and run by Zeitprojekte. We collected 48 kg of rubbish along the river Sihl (near Zurich’s main train station) and recycled it properly. The outcome was also surprising: apart from hundreds of cigarettes and cans, we also collected glass & plastic bottles, various plastic parts, syringes and even a fridge door, an inflatable air mattress and a bike helmet. All in all, it was a rewarding experience for every single participant. Such an experience also helps everyone’s own attitude towards waste in today’s world. It was very inspiring to experience the “clean” city of Zurich from a completely different perspective, this together with a group of 20 very motivated people. Many thanks to all who took part in our event.

KPMG, October 2022 – Lausanne

We are honoured that WWF Switzerland asked GreenUp to partner up, to organize & execute cleanups in Romandie. Our very first will take place along the lake of Lausanne, with a motivated team of KPMG volunteers.