“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo  Da Vinci

GreenUp is the (new) name of the swisswide non-profit association “Umwelt Plattform”, which has its roots in Basel.

We operate across the country as a network; with an active presence in 8 cities: Basel, Davos, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Locarno, Solothurn, Zürich and new from September 2021, Lugano and Sion.

We started out as a response to a challenge from the Umweltallianz. Ever since, we used our creative and positive spirit to inspire people to act for sustainability and adopt a resource-light lifestyle at home or at work. Of course for the planet, but also to live lighter, more connected .. happier. We do this through positive experiences during our events and with innovative projects.

We do this with a small, cool team of young professionals working part-time, a super community of around 50 volunteers, and a fantastic board. We are funded by those who share our passion and approach. 


Our story and impact

Born out of an Umweltallianz project in 2016, we soon developed our own approach to the needs of Swiss people and of course our planet. When 25% of the population makes changes, we can create a shift. We therefore use positive, action-oriented approaches to get a wide range of people to act and make changes in their lives. 
Since our launch, 5,000 people have taken action for sustainability, learning how to incorporate more frugality into their everyday lives. With campaigns, via social media and through projects, we have been able to raise awareness among about 100,000 people and show that “less can be more”.  


Under the motto “less is more” we believe each person can simplify their (work) life and live happier doing so. With our events, projects and online resources we provide positive experiences to “green up”.



We are there for everyone. Free of religion, political party or other ideology. We work with all, as long as we have the same goal in mind.


We foster collaboration and seek partnerships. We share where possible what we know.


We are all about «yes we can» and are a community of do-ers. We always communicate positively.


We are a fan of «learn by doing». We are exploring new ways, new methods… And sometimes we fail, but that only strenghtens us.

Annual reports

Read about the organisation and our financials in our annual reports:

Team Members

Nicole Keller

Managing Director

I love being amazed by the beauty of nature over and over again, be it while foraging for mushrooms with my children or when snowboarding in the forests of Davos.


Gabriella Gazzoli

Communications & Community Manager

I’m a sustainability aficionada and a minimalist. Life has become less stressful, I have become more productive in my daily life and I’m only surrounded by things that make me happy.


Loyd Perestrelo

Project Manager “DuraPass” & Team-Lead
La Chaux-de-Fonds

I like the simple things in life and to experience the joy which small gestures bring with them.


Kathrin Meyer

Project Manager «GoSimple»

The “GoSimple” challenge is like a journey for me and there is a lot to discover! I am curious to explore all the inspiring ideas and projects for a sustainable lifestyle together with the participants.


Sofia Mastoridis

Team-Lead Sion

I love being part of a whole, whether it is nature or people. I value simple moments like a smile, a bike ride or swapping baby clothes and believe they are strong enough to make a positive difference in our lives.


Anaïs Campion

Team-Lead Sion

I’m a committed environmentalist and I like to contribute to new sustainable initiatives to support biodiversity conservation and climate initiatives. I believe in developping simple solutions to reduce our daily consumption. Creating the world of tomorrow begins with each of our actions. We’re part of the solution.


sofia cereghetti

Manuela Geprägs

Team-Lead Basel

“Be the change you wish for this world” a statement I try to live by. I’m actively engaged in different sustainable projects and events in and around Basel. I love upcycling, foodsharing, flea markets and being in nature. Together with GreenUp I would love to spread some seeds into this world to keep it green and alive!


Mehdi Ramezani

Team-Lead Basel

I enjoy nature, and take any chance to bring more of it to our daily lives. With the promise that our future generation have a chance to enjoy their only planet that they have: I promote the vision of “Less is more” and try to send our friendly message to as many people as possible, and persist on this good causes.


Andrea Scolari

Team-Lead Lugano

The nature is my playground when I ski or hike but is also the space where I like to chill.

I try to do my best to preserve the earth and I like to be part of a community that tries to maintain our world so beautiful.


Board Members

Renée LaPlante


I’m passionate about education, inspiration and collaboration for a net negative and regenerative future. GreenUp brings Switzerland together and shows us all local ways to live lighter and happier with less. This day-to-day embodiment is what will make our future truly sustainable, so that’s why I support GreenUp!


Natalia Schwarz

Vice President

I find it very liberating to enjoy the simple side of life and always feel very at peace while gardening, cooking some fresh and healthy food, caring for my rescue animals or being carried away on a walk in the forest by the peaceful atmosphere.


Heather Moore

Communications & Marketing

My happy place is in the mountains, high up enjoying the view or swimming in clear, fresh water. These environments are so fragile, and I want future generations to be able to enjoy them as much as I do, which is why I’m working with GreenUP.


Victor Vogt


We need to change to give our children the best future. That’s why I love to find new ways to do things better and share it with others. Simplicity is the soul of happiness.


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