91.5 % of respondents believe that it was worthwhile taking part in the 2023 and even more of them would recommend it to others!

A great outcome of the 2023 programme that featured a wide variety of households from the Canton of Basel-City, as well as from the countryside. Households that are already well underway, and others that were just starting off. The mixture inspired each other and helped to share experiences and concrete tips, as well as challenges. 

GoSimple is a 4-month programme for households, to live more resourcelight in their city. They meet up at practical and inspiring workshops around the themes of food, circularity and conscious living, as well as local consumption, mobility and change-making in my city. After each workshop they take on a challenge around the theme at stake, and practice different behavior, such as causing less foodwaste, or rather doing a digital detox. Learn more on www.gosimple.ch

And then the million dollar question… what did they take-away and learn, what are they planning to do in their daily lives? Here a quick view of that: