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GoSimple Workshop 3: Mobility Safari – Lokaler Konsum

Unternehmen Mitte Gerbergasse 30, Basel

This is the 3rd Workshop that is part of the GoSimple Programme 2023 in Basel. In different groups we will explore offers, initiatives and contact points that support conscious living and consumption in Basel and promote local actors. This can be done on foot, by bike, by e-scooter or by public transport, because in this […]

GoSimple Talk: Basel on the move – climate-friendly travel


What do mobility and quality of life have to do with each other? What measures are being taken so that we can satisfy our mobility needs? What is being done to protect residents from the negative effects of traffic? Where does the canton get its inspiration for upcoming projects and what goals are they pursuing? […]


GoSimple Talk: Satisfied frugal living – How much is (good) enough?


What is a successful life for us? How can each of us, as private individuals, as professionals and as members of civil society, contribute with our lifestyles to staying within the planetary carrying capacity limits, even as a collective? How do we free ourselves from the constant pressure to consume? How can this contribute to […]