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“You can’t buy happiness, but riding a bike brings you pretty close”

There are different ways to simplify your life when it comes to travel, moving and your free time. In the end it’s about … how can we find new experiences that tickle us, but are not necessarily very far away, and … how can I really get the benefits of slow mobility every day?

Get out there!

Have you ever participated in a critical mass? It’s a lot of fun, gives you and those around you new experiences and impulses for using slow forms of mobility. There is also SlowUp every year! Check out when and where they are,  and bring many people along. 

E-bike versus car


This infograph talks about the benefits of an (e)bike versus a car. Of course sometimes we do need a car, to transport things, or people. Then an e-shared car would be a super alternative. Or simply asking good friends.

Simple travel

What is the thing that excites you most when traveling? The surprise? The different culture? 

That feeling you can also get very close by. shows you that. Many of us know that Switzerland is beautiful, but know that there are also many ways to experience it in a special way. Plus you save money and help the local economy at the same time. 


It would take an acre of forest a year to absorb the same amount of CO2 emissions of a one-way flight from London to New York. That’s about the same amount of emissions that the average person in Zimbabwe generates over an entire year.

Traveling by train expensive? Cumbersome? Actually many people don’t realise that if you take all factors into account.. the train almost always beats the plane! And the train has many additional advantages: you can play a game with your fellow travelers, walk and go to a restaurant, or simply let the world pass by.

This infograph compares what people think and the reality of plane and train travel in Europe.

Planning your next trip by train?  

Check out the Swiss startup SimpleTrain (German for now). They can help you find the best way to travel to your destination!


In 2019 we organized a series of cool events around train travel in the centre of 5 Swiss cities: “#UPTrain”. People played a fun memory game with surprising facts and tips. 

Less is more; how? Our tips!

Tip 1. Reduce travel for work

Reduce travel for work, yet keep the connection with colleagues or collaborators, through effective online meetings and systems. Check for example how the AO Foundation in Davos created a complete virtual environment for its annual online event. 

Tip 2: Reduce travel for leisure .. the right way!

Key is: keep the feeling that we have when we explore new things, while being at home… Go on holidays in your own city.. finally take the time to see that cool exhibition, or take that hike.
Or think outside the box and join a virtual festival or concert or even safari taking place thousands of km away. 

Tip 3: Share mobility and leisure with others

Take a shared bike to explore a new city, in more and more Swiss cities this is possible.  Transport work materials with the carvelo2go, ore share a camper with friends or family… there are many cool ways to share mobility with others. 

Tip 4: When you do need to move .... make a balanced choice:

  1. How much time do I have and which distance do I need to go?
  2. Which resources do I have available? For example do you own an e-bike or have a train-abo?
  3. Can I enjoy additional benefits? health, well-being, or can I combine it with everyday tasks such as shopping?

Then decide … which is the most sustainable option this time?!   

Do you have other tips to share?

We’d love to hear your story!


Which websites, people or organisations can support you further on your journey?!

Switzerland Mobility: The network for non-motorized traffic

Simple way to plan your hiking, cycling, mountainbiking, skating or canoeing trip. 

Want to learn more? 

Did you like this guideline? Join one of our events and explore further what a simple life means to you. 

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