Turn your life around within six months to live more sufficiently and happy. This is the challenge that numerous participants take on during the “GoSimple” project initiated by GreenUp.

The three-year project started in August 2021 and will last until the end of June 2024. The project leader, Leslie Vogel, tells us how it will all come about.

  1. Tell us briefly about the project.

 “GoSimple” was launched a few months ago. It is a project that deals specifically with the residents of Basel, and later also in Switzerland: Habits should be changed and the motto of GreenUp “less is more” should be lived. During a six-month challenge, the participants will deal with the topics of zero waste & circular economy, housing & living, mobility & leisure, local economy, frugality in my city and nutrition. The Challenge is a mini-education on how to change one’s everyday life and habits in order to become more environmentally friendly and reduce one’s ecological footprint.


2 What are the goals of “GoSimple”?

We pursue different goals with “GoSimple”. On the one hand, we want to change the habits of the participants and their families – they should lead a simpler lifestyle and realise that it is not that difficult to live sustainably. On the other hand, we also want to use this project to propose concrete measures to the city of Basel on how the infrastructure and services can be adapted to make the transition easier for the residents.


3. How will the project be measured?

The pilot phase of the Challenge will take place from January 2022 to June 2022. 25 Basel households will participate and document their successes and failures accurately via video and in writing. In addition to the participants’ own documentation, the University of Basel will provide us with an impact analysis and support us with a control group. Thus, from July 2022 to December 2022, we will adapt and also expand the project so that the actual Challenge can start with 100 households in January 2023.


4. Who is funding the project?

We have been able to attract various funding partners for “GoSimple”. The main funding partners include the 3FO Foundation in Olten and the Office for Environment and Energy in Basel. We are very grateful for their support.


5. Who can take part in the Challenge?

From October onwards, residents of the city of Basel can apply to take part. However, a few requirements have to be met:

– Resident in the canton of Basel-Stadt

– Between 23 and 38 years old

– The desire to live a more sustainable life

– All other people in the same household are also taking part in the Challenge

– Willing to participate in all workshops during the six months

– Condition for pilot phase: Willing to document the six months


6. How do I keep myself informed?

Soon, the project’s own website will be online at www.gosimple.ch. Follow the project on Instagram and Facebook!