It’s the time of year… harvesting, thanking nature and putting away its fruits for the winter. It gives such a positive feeling to use what is out there; it’s fun and rewarding. One of these things, that many people forget about, are sunflowers and their seeds. Very healthy (Omega 6!).  

It’s not difficult at all – you just need to find the right moment. Harvesting begins as soon as the flower heads change color (turns yellow). Then you can easily take the seeds out. 


  1. Rinse under tap water
  2. Dry on a towel (if possible in sun) 
  3. Remove any seeds that don’t look good
  4. Put in a jar and keep .. in fridge (or roast, or in freezer) 

Check for more details this tutorial, or one of the many other there are online. . 


Other things to harvest and enjoy around this time of year

Mushrooms >> Especially when you find the “porcini” you’ll be in for a treat. Over the past years we did several interactive events around edible plants and mushrooms. Check out here the concept of these “foodbyfoot” events, or get in touch for more info!


Grapes >> Especially of course in Valais and Ticino, where soon the wine harvest and parties will begin. Our “Discofruit kick-off events” in Sion and Lugano in October will among others feature also these grapes!