GreenUp Project since October 2020 

Green Hub Davos

The Green Hub empowers “sustainability to blossom in Davos”. The Hub combines services for the general public – such as information about sustainability, a swapping corner and a zero waste wall – with a co-working and space for workshops and events. @Promenade87

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A space where sustainability blossoms

The hub is open for co-working every day; see our dedicated website for prizes and more >>  

And 3x per week for 3 hours we are open for everyone

  • Dienstag / Tuesday: 12.30 – 15.30
  • Mittwoch / Wednesday: 8.30 – 11.30
  • Donnerstag / Thursday: 15.30 – 18.30

What we offer?

SWAP: Swap pre-loved items! A bread toaster against a raclette, a lamp against a helmet. Lets keep using our resources again and again!
ZERO-WASTE: Buy Zero Waste ingredients, and get inspiration on a zero waste lifestyle. 
INFORMATION: Get information about living a resource-light lifestyle in Davos. 

Partners & Projects

Events take place on a regular base, often organised with partners and range from zero waste workshops to permaculture evenings, etc.

With a broad range of partners that include different businesses, local sustainability initiatives and the city of Davos, the goal is to bring together citizens with politics and businesses to work on future solutions for Davos and beyond together (see below).

Projects that are currently running:

  • A project around compost and organic waste
  • A clothes swap project
  • A bio-vegetable garden
  • Workshops as part of the Davos Tourism programme
  • A mini-Alpine garden @Kirchner Museum

See our Agenda below!

Agenda 2024


After a month of intensive WEF-projects, we are now re-working the agenda for 2024.

Have wishes, or do you want to collaborate with us? Get in touch via!

GreenShare – preloved items
Together with many of you, we managed to save around 15’000 kgs of CO2 by keeping resources after the events in the WEF-week in a Loop! We are now working to extend the project throughout the year. More news to follow! Anything left you can find in the GreenHub.

>> Learn more about GreenShare

Aromatherapy Workshop 

Until end of March 2024, every tuesday evening from 18.00 – 19.30 there is an Aromatherapy Workshop in the GreenHub organised as part of the guest programme. Local people can also participate, by directly going to the DDO-counter Monday afternoon or Tuesday and reserve a spot. 


Bio-Waste for households – “Green-to-Green”
Davos doesn’t have centralized options for organic waste. The best use of our organic waste is turning it into compost for healthy soils. We at the GreenHub are promoting this practice in various ways. This is however not a solution for everyone and an additional option is to turn waste into energy. December 2021 we started a pilot with the Biogas-Facility Duchli and are now scaling that up. 

Promenade Garden
Even at 1600m is it possible to grow yummy vegetables on healthy organic soil. Our pilot project Promenaden-Garden was a huge success and we are looking at the best ways to scale it from 2024.