GreenUp enables
positive experiences for
people and planet.

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Living a simpler life and feel super about it? Our events support you in your journey.  

What our events have in common? They are positive, action-oriented and open to all. Sometimes they are on a square in the middle of town, sometimes in a cosy bar. 



We work with cities, companies and organisations on projects for citizens, employees or other stakeholders.

And of course we create our own projects too. 

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Our Mission

Under the motto “less is more” we believe each person can simplify their (work) life and live happier doing so. With our events, projects and online resources we provide positive experiences to “green up”.

Our topics

Our projects and workshops cover the following themes.
We also created resources on them for you. Check them out!

News and Stories

Creative Frugality – what does that mean?

Creative Frugality – what does that mean?

Creative Frugality means the practice of being creative while coming up with ways to be more sustainable and spending less at the same time. While practising Creative Frugality you stop for a moment and start thinking creatively before solving your “problems” with money.

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