GreenUp enables positive experiences for
people and planet. With our workshops, through
local and national projects and events. 

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GoSimple and the ClimateHubDavos, two national  projects that help shift mindsets.

But we also work locally, on projects such as Green-to-Green to create solutions for private organic waste collection in Davos. Or the project Swap Ticino to educate and act against Fast Fashion. 


Living a simpler life and feeling super about it? Our events support individuals in a fun and tangible way. 

Events around zero waste, urban gardening but also food & foodwaste. Action-oriented and open to all. In the middle of town, or in a cosy bar. Our creative spirit makes them to unforgettable experiences! 

seed swapping
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Designed for organisations, to take place in-house or at a chosen location. Workshops that foster employee engagement for sustainability. as well as team building.

Our Mission

Under the motto “less is more” we believe each person can simplify their (work) life and live happier doing so. With our events, projects and online resources we provide positive experiences to “green up”.

Our topics

Our projects and workshops cover the following themes.
We also created resources on them for you. Check them out!

Our stories

Plant. Grow. Love 🌱.

Plant. Grow. Love 🌱.

Spring is around the corner and it’s the time of the year to fill your hearts and homes with cozy greens. Read more about GreenUps Jeanins and Aurores Tip n Tricks. Some fun plant-stories about...

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