Since January 2022 

Clothing Loops & Swap Ticino

Since 2022 GreenUp has been experimenting with the idea of building Clothing Loops as an answer to Fast Fashion: rings of people in a city or neighbourhood constantly exchanging clothes. In the Ticino region we started in 2023 with public exchanges and in 2024 we launched ‘Swap Ticino’: a series of action-oriented events in various cities to promote slow fashion, a fun and educational way to start taking action against fast fashion.

Clothing Loop

Impact in a fun and simple way

The fashion industry causes 10% of man-made CO² emissions and is the second largest consumer of water in the world. Reusing clothes is currently by far the most sustainable way to counteract this. Innovations in fabrics and sustainable brands are playing an increasing role, but reuse is by far the most ecological still at the moment.

“The Clothing Loop” was launched in the Netherlands under the name “Ketting Kledingruil ” during the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and became a great success. Currently, more than 400 loops are operating nationwide. Now they want to conquer the world, and we are doing that with them.

Clothing Loop Switzerland @GreenUp

We aim to kickstart 100 Loops over the coming 2 years in Switzerland. Since January 2022 we piloted the project in Davos-Klosters. By now 25+ women are continously exchanging clothes in 4 bags since January 2022 and find new “pearls” all the time. They are connected through an App we specifically developed for the Clothing Loop.

Summer of 2022 we’ll run a campaign for the rest of Switzerland based on the App and Toolkit we created in 4 languages! At the same time internationally they are developing the Clothing Loop website. End of 2022 or early 2023 we plan to merge and integrate with the international website.

Starting a Loop!

In the beginning we need many Loop starters, so that other people in your neighborhood or town can sign up!

Get minimal 15 people together that live relatively near, create the backbone with the Clothing Loop app or WhatsApp/Telegram and start a Loop.

1: Sign up through the form (see button)

2: We’ll send you the Toolkit and once you’re ready add your town or neighborhood to the form
3: Find people and set up your Loop
4: Happy Looping!
5: Support the Loop, add new people from time to time

Time involvement
A couple of hours per week max. Usually we add new people to the route every 2-weeks.

All the time from us, plus we set up a special FB-group so you can start to help each other.

Joining a Loop!

As soon as a new Loop is active we will add it to the national form and you can sign up.  If there is no Loop in your neighbourhood or town, we invite you to become a Loop-Starter! 

It’s fun and you really end up not only with cool clothes, but also with a bigger network .. and space in your wallet! 

The Clothing Loop App