The first ever Climate Hub Davos is hosted by the Swiss non-profit GreenUp.

This novel space brings together people working on climate and nature, and welcomes all those wanting to collaborate and be inspired to do more. With an open foyer and interactive programme, you are invited to visit and co-create the climate positive future we need.

Open daily on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday January 16th – 18th; from 10am – 5pm.

The Climate Hub is hosted just off the Promenade, at the beautiful Kulturplatz in the heart of Davos. 

The 2024 Programme

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Foyer and Daily Programme

The Foyer is open to all from 10:00 – 17:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
We ask you to register when you come in, so that we know who is with us at all times. 

  • Be inspired by our colourful wall of stories and videos 
  • Engage into meaningful pledges in our action corner, where you decide your own fate, but also shine as a butterfly. 
  • Get a taste of the “good food”. Good for you, and our planet. We feature a small variety of simple but tasty sweet and savoury snacks and small dishes, wild coffee and tea, and other exciting drinks.
  • Co-create on the challenge(s) you are facing in your climate and nature work, and help others solve their challenges. 
  • Learn about Davos and its projects to protect its beautiful nature and support people in making a transition. Cast your vote about a greener Davos/WEF week. 

Events and Sessions

Kick-Off Event – Monday 15.1 (by invitation) – at 16:30

Join GreenUp and partners to celebrate the fact that we created a space where climate and nature can stand in the limelight, during the week of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum and launch the Climate Hub Davos together!


  • Welcome by Climate Hub initiator and GreenUp Executive Director Nicole Keller
  • Talk by Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, Indian-born multidisciplinary artist, director and impact innovator “Connecting to nature and the importance of indigenous wisdom”
  • Talk by Ben Valks, founder Black Jaguar Foundation “Business in Biodiversity – how restoration in the Amazon and economic interest come together.

While enjoying drinks and snacks at the Good Food Bar, GreenUp and the Black Jaguar Foundation invite you afterwards to explore the space, connect and create synergies for our climate positive future.  

The Black Jaguar Foundation is a non-profit organization working to restore the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado savanna, in Brazil. The foundation works with local farmers to plant native trees on a large scale to realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. Read more in the article: “Brazil’s plan for a 2,600km ‘Green corridor’ that will plant 1.7 billion trees“. 

Doors open: 16.00
Climate & Nature Talks: 16.30 – 17.30
Drinks and Exchange: 17.30 – 19.00

“Standing up for the Planet” – book presentation, and interactive discussion – at 11.00

The book describes 45 Stories of Extraordinary Women Who are Changing the World by Francesco Pagano and Luca Zerbini. Stories of courage and change. Get inspired and discuss along.
Organised by VP Bank and UnaTerra. 

World Premiere of the “Here Now” Project – Tuesday 16.1 (by invitation) – at 15:00

A powerful reminder that climate change is not a distant threat but rather it is here, now. From the streets of Brooklyn to the forests of Siberia, a relentless barrage of fires, floods, and storms made devastatingly clear that the extreme weather climate scientists had been predicting for half a century had arrived. Now, in a production of unprecedented scope, Emmy-winning filmmakers Jon Siskel and Greg Jacobs chronicle that pivotal year through the eyes of everyday people around the world. Built out of thousands of hours of in-the-moment footage—no narration, no talking heads—The Here Now Project transforms the ordinary act of shooting a cell phone video into the radical act of bearing witness, capturing both the simultaneous, global nature of climate change itself and the deeply human resilience, resourcefulness, and courage needed to confront it. At once epic and intimate, the film is a wake-up call to the world from the world. The message: we’re all in this, together.

Join us for the Global Premiere of the documentary film The Here Now Project and a Q&A on what’s next. This session supports the work of Giving to Amplify Earth Action (GAEA).

Screening: 15.15 – 16.30
Q&A: 16.30 – 17.00
Drinks and Snacks: 17.00 – 18.00


Meditation Concert @WEF, Davos: The Refuge Tree of Tibet

Join us for a Meditation Concert inspired by the profound visualization of “The Refuge Tree of Tibet” and backed by scientific insights. This exclusive meditation event goes beyond the conventional by weaving together ancient wisdom from Tibetan buddhism and modern leadership principles. Led by seasoned meditation guide Michelle de Bruijn, the session will guide participants through the sacred visualization, fostering a deep sense of introspection, ethical grounding, and personal clarity. A way to increase our awareness of the sacredness and the interdependence of everything and everyone on our planet.

By, Wald-Klimaschutz Schweiz and Kenshō & Kin

Screening and Talks “Open Planet” – Wednesday 17.1 at 14:00

Revolutionizing Climate Reporting: Open Planet. Stories can be powerful agents of change, helping to shift narratives and motivate action. As the climate and nature crisis unfolds, we take a look at the innovations that are revolutionizing democratic reporting of the crisis, and how open-access visuals could used to disrupt discourse and accelerate action on the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Join us for screenings of a series of short films that showcase what is possible when world-class, science-based footage of changes to our natural world is made freely available to anyone for educational and impact use. Discover how this revolutionary model has delivered unprecedented reach and impact in India as part of the country’s biggest climate storytelling campaign: Planet India. This session supports the work of Culture Moves.

Screenings alternated with Talks: 14.00 – 15.00

Screening “Davos +1.7 degrees” – Wednesday 17.1 at 15:15

Many scientific studies on climate change call for rapid action in all areas of life. For this to happen, people must have a direct connection to the changes on the ground. This is the aim of the Davos climate film “Davos +1.7°C concrete: from climate change to climate action”, which was produced as part of the “Adaptation to climate change” pilot programme launched by the Swiss Federal Agency for the Environment – FOEN.

The film summarises the most important findings on climate change in Davos. Familiar faces, familiar images and a comprehensible text inform the people of Davos about climate change on the ground. The final sequence of the film deals with CO2 emissions and shows how we can make an effective contribution to climate protection.

Screening: 15.15 – 15.40 in German, with English subtitles

Wild Coffee and Tea with the Systemic Climate Action Collaborative – Wednesday 17.1 at 16:00 

Get a taste of what the “Good Food” Bar has to offer, while you exchange ideas with partners of the Systematic Climate Action Collaborative. The Collaborative is a groundbreaking initiative uniting 15 leading climate nonprofits in a collective endeavour to overcome climate inaction and fragmentation.

Finance Solution Session “The Missing Trillions” – Wednesday 17.1 (by invitation) at 16:30 

At COP26, the world pledged $130 trillion to fight climate change. So where is it?

Our world is at a climate crossroads. To limit global warming to 1.5°C, we need more than $4.5 trillion each year by 2030. But we are falling far short of this goal, allocating less than one-third of what’s required. Trillions of dollars are still missing in the fight against climate change.

Join Metabolic, in collaboration with the Systemic Climate Action Collaborative, as we unlock “The Missing Trillions.” We aim to forge new connections and enact practical strategies to bridge the climate finance gap.

In Davos the focus will be on the root causes. See for more information Metabolic’s website.

Session: 16.30 – 18.00

Climate Justice Solution Breakfast – Thursday 18.1 from 8:00 – 09:30

Now is the time to invest in climate justice solutions created by frontline communities. During this informal breakfast gathering, we will draw on the collective intelligence of the people present to understand what approaches in climate justice work (and which didn’t), how we can make them more visible and enhance investment. All so that the root causes of climate injustice are addressed and we can move more equally towards a climate positive future for all.

Rough programme:

  • 7.30 – doors open: croissants and warm drinks


  • 8.00 – Welcome by host, Anaïs Campion, Climate Youth Rep, Member of the Swiss Delegation to UNFCCC COP26, Coordinator GreenUp

Photo of Puyanawa leaders by Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, The Regeneration Generation.

  • 8.05 – Success Stories from the field: Global Justice Warriors

Talks by spiritial leader Puwe Puyanawa and climate youth activist Txukukayxti Rosa’ne Puyanawa, of the Puyanawa-Tribe, Brazil
Further talks/inputs to be confirmed

  • 8.35 Solution Tables on topics we define together
  • 9.05 sharing of outcome and roadmap

With participation of Marie Claire Graf, Swiss youth advocate for sustainable development and climate action and Jackie Omotalade, Climate Investments National Director at Dream.Org.

Upgrading Humans for a climate positive future – Thursday 18.1 from 11:00 – 12.00

Upskilling for climate action. 

Climate-KIC, Yunus Environment Hub, REOS Partners, Kite Insights, Pyxera Global and GreenUp invite you to a co-creation session that needs all of us: our collective intelligence to reflect on who we need to be and how we need to be to achieve a climate positive future.

This dialogue session will focus on upgrading the mental models, capabilities and skills individuals, communities, societies and businesses need to face into and lead ourselves through the major structural and transformational shifts we need to make across the world. Join us to share reflections, learnings, experience, solutions and possibilities to collaborate. What works when we want to shift mindsets, for example in professional services? How can we make sure circular and regenerative models become the standard?  How can we expand the space for individuals and communities across the world to engage in creative thinking, imagination and collaborative action through arts, media and culture. Building learning to learn muscle – climate action in the form of innovation is a way of learning our way into a regenerative, sustainable and just future.

Screening and Q&A “Life on Our Planet” – Thursday 18.1 from 14:00 – 15:00

Life on Our Planet tells the greatest story of them all – the story of life! Spanning 4 billion years, the series showcases life’s journey from its almost miraculous beginnings in the primordial soup through the ages of fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals and birds. Blending VFX of extinct creatures with modern day natural history, it’s a series that has to be seen to be believed. But it’s also a series with a message.

In its concluding chapter (episode 8), the series focuses on the ice-age and the rise of humanity. Our achievements through history have been more remarkable than all other species that have gone before us. But those achievements have come at a cost. Because of our actions, we are now entering the 6th Mass Extinction. And yet, despite this grim forecast there remains a glimmer of hope. We are the first species in the 4-billion-year story of life to understand what is happening to our world. We are also the first species to understand what is needed to put it right. Our intelligence has brought us this far and it’s the only thing that can save us. Our future and that of the planet is yet to be written. How we act now will determine the next chapter in the story of life. 

Six years in the making, Life On Our Planet is produced by Silverback Films in collaboration with Amblin Television for Netflix. Join us for a special screening of the final episode and a Q&A on building adaptability, resilience and survival. This session supports the work of Earth Decides.

Tasting the Future of Cheese with “New Roots” Thursday 18.1 from 16:00 – 17:00

Do you also love (the idea of) Swiss Cheese? Be ready for it to be changed for good! The Swiss vegan creamery “New Roots” will allow for true sensations with their special story, but of course mostly through their wonderful diverse range of products they will bring for you to try, which will be accompanied with fine food and drinks from our food partner Davos Cuisine. 

16.00 – 16.30 The story of New Roots
From 16.30 Tasting! 

Circularity Solutions; circular exhibition – Thursday 18.1 from 16:30 – 18:00

While we taste and experience the creamy products of New Roots, we open our circular exhibition, for all of you to explore several groundbreaking and wonderful products that can help us consumers make the step to a circular economy. From Hemp Skis down to exciting fibres and circular furniture. 

With as partners Next Generations and Fair Customer. 

Inspiring circular videos will run in the cinema and in the foyer there is space to share solutions, and outline a roadmap for 2024.

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