Sommer 2020

Slow Safaris

20 exciting treasure hunts in and around Swiss cities allowed thousands of people to explore special, unexpected places with their own muscles: on roller skates, by foot or by bicycle. Good for body, mind, soul and planet!

Exciting treasure hunts

What could be better than to get from one place to another by bicycle or even on foot on a sunny day. We created 20 slow safaris throughout Switzerland during the “Corona summer” of 2020.

A Slow Safari is a route that leads from any chosen start-location to a beautiful or unexpected spot. There a “treasure-box” awaits. It is to be reached by CO2-friendly – slow – means of transport

In order to make this possible, we carried out a Crowdfunding Campaign and managed to raise 10’000 CHF. 


Not only did more than 500 people go on a treasure hunt, hundreds of thousands of people were inspired around slow mobility due to articles in large media outlets.

We also organized fun street-events in 6 cities that resulted in map with people’s secret “slow” mobility tips. 

The Slow Safaris map

The participants

Slow Safaris Solothurn

Slow Safaris Lenzburg

Slow Safaris Locarno

The videos

We created videos for each slow safari, plus instruction videos in all languages

Slow Safaris Events