January 2023

WEF Davos GreenShare

Sharing WEF resources with you .. the people of Davos and from the region. Re-using things and avoiding waste. That is what this project is about. Together with many partners we are organising GreenShare for the second year! We will share with you the plants, furniture, materials and much more donated by organisations hosting events during the week of the WEF with you. 

Check out what we have in store already, older items from the congress centre! Interested? Check them out and read below! 

WEF-Congress items – pickup until 19.1

GreenShare Items donated from the World Economic Forum, used in past years during the WEF Events in the congress center:

So how can you get access to these items, and all the others that will be there after the WEF? 

1.  For the above items that come directly from the WEF-congress center: 

  1. Send an whatsapp/telegram msg to +41786813052 or write davos@green-up.ch about an item you are interested in. 
  2. We process all requests, try to divide them equally and reserve it for you. 
  3. Pick it up in Davos:
    – On 12th January between 10-12
    – On 14th January between 14.30-16.30
    – On 19th January between 14.30-16.30
    If really not possible, we could agree on another pick-up moment before 20.1 
  4. Donate to the project >> whatever you think is fair! 

2. For all plants and items that are brought to us after 20th Januar: 

PopUp-Store 1 

Sunday 22 January from 11.00 – 15.00
@KMA, Clavadelerstrasse 4 >> Plants, and what is immediately brought to us. We have no idea what can come, so be surprised. We will share more pictures here, and also on @greenhubdavos

PopUp-Store 2 

Saturday 28 January from 11.00 – 15.00
@Camastral AG, Mattastrasse 54 >>Anything else that is still to come.

Download the flyer and share the message!