GreenUp Workshops

GreenUp offers 4 action-oriented, interactive workshops  for a resourcelight society. They revolve around: 

  • Sustainable Food & Food Waste
  • Circularity & ZeroWaste
  • Mobility & Travel
  • Waste, Nature & Biodiversity

The workshops: 

  • provide new experiences and insights, concrete tools and ideas
  • allow you(r participants) to reflect together on the topic at hand
  • drive action(s) at the individual and organisational level
  • are suitable for all types of organisations
  • have a base duration of 3 hours
  • can be customised to specific goals & needs
  • can be combined into a full day pogramme or shortened


The 4 Workshops

1. Circular Champions

Zero Waste, Circular Economy
Resources are becoming increasingly scarce, but we can keep them in circulation, save money and CO2 and have fun at the same time. Knowledge exchanges, do-it-yourself mini-workshops and an excursion provide unique experiences around how we can ‘reduce’ and maintain a circular society.

Outcome: Natural minimal-waste products to take home, recipes, tools, know-how and experiences.

2. Nature Keepers

Waste, biodiversity
Waste is not just an aesthetic problem; several toxic substances end up in soil and water. A fun small-group outdoor cleanup workshop with reflections on waste, the environment, and biodiversity with the goal of achieving a low-impact society.

→  Outcome: a fun and meaningful outdoor activity, with concrete inputs on actions for a minimal waste society, to maintain and protect biodiversity so we can breathe and live well, while mitigating climate change.

3. Food Futures

Food and Foodwaste
Food is the answer to many sustainability challenges, and a source of great joy. In the workshop challenge ourselves with facts and new concepts, we’ll make and enjoy a yummy foodwaste recipe, dive into that part of adjusting our foodchoices We’ll check out one solution in practice, and brainstorm about more solutions and our actions. 

Outcome: Understanding and acting on our major food challenges, concrete tips and recipes, insights into solutions out there, and tangible tools.

4. Travel Explorers

Mobility, transport

By making targeted choices in terms of travel and mobility, we not only reduce emissions, but also create many opportunities for ourselves to stay healthier and “slow down”. Virtual train travel and a memory game provide new insights and an excursion challenges us to think about solutions and actions. 

Outcome: Unique insights and experiences but also individual and organisational ideas for reducing travel and finding more environmentally friendly mobility alternatives that are good for all.

Why work with us?

GreenUp’s workshops offer a theoretical framework with the latest scientific facts. We also discuss specific life hacks that we put into practice together. The aim is to inspire you and your colleagues to take your first steps towards a resource-saving lifestyle and society.

Hands-on Sustainability

Passionate facilitators

Meaningful teambuilding

Relevant & up-to-date information

♥ Value for Money

Customizable to your needs

Positive and fun

Inspiring memories for all



Workshop ” Food Futures”
“The short version of the workshop “Food Heroes” by GreenUp was both educational and a great team bonding opportunity. Full of passion and joy, GreenUp shared their knowledge with us and gave us ideas for a more sustainable lifestyle!”

Stephanie Scheller
Hospitality Manager at FELFEL


Workshop “Circular  Champions”

“It was great that GreenUp could create a short adjusted version of the workshop for our Conference on Sustainbility and Project Management. It was a fun, informative and interactive input and welcome change in our conference programme. “

Silvia Mari
Senior Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland


Workshop “Nature CleanUp PLUS”

“It was a very insightful day with interesting workshops and good cleaning sessions in the morning and the afternoon. It was very much appreciated that GreenUp integrated our sustainability strategy into the programme” .

Alexandre Montafau
Senior Pricing & BI Manager 


Workshop “Food Futures”

The amount  of food waste in Switzerland struck me a lot, as well as how much resources it takes to  obtain (just) 1kg of meat. This information really helped me to see things in perspective, and making the pesto was a lot of fun!

Participant from the HR Team

The Workshop Team

Anais Campion

Workshops Romandie

Maurizio Bianchi

Workshops Deutsch-Schweiz

Jenna Mattich

Workshops Ticino

Together with a group of passionate facilitators from across Switzerland we implement the GreenUp Workshops.
Thanks to Maria, Fernando, Nicole, Florian , Gaia, Thais, Arif, Barbora, Noemi, Florence, Martin and Tania.

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