WEF Davos GreenShare


Enhancing a circular economy during the WEF Annual Meeting. Ensuring that surplus materials from WEF and Davos events are kept in a loop, and find a new home in the region. A project of the independent Swiss NGO GreenUp with many partners.

In 2023 we saved over 2000 items, from plants to large bars, from office chairs to Asian crockery. We gave them a new home, in Davos and in the region. With that, we saved over 10,000 kg of CO2. Check out our video!  

Will you and your company participate in 2024? Read below: 

Davos ’24: sharing items for reuse!

Are you organising events during the WEF-week? Join the programme and we come and pick up good items with our E-Transporter. Cost: donate 500 CHF or what it is worth to you.

How does it work?

1. Sign up:

2. Decide which item(s) are still good and you can give out.

3. Send us a message us via Whatsapp or Telegram at +4176 6033879 for each item or group of items, with:
a) an accurate description and at least 1 image per item
b) a preferred moment and exact location for pick-up

4. We will review the items. When ok; we will confirm pick-up time and location.

5. We will pass by with our E-Transporter and pick up the items.

6. We will share the items with local people and projects!

Download the flyer:

Join us. Support us!

Support the GreenShare project and donate for your participation, or to the project in general!

Scan the QR-code and choose any amount you feel does justice to the project and GreenUp’s mission.

Do you want to work with us in other ways, get in touch: Write, app or call Nicole Keller on +41786813052

Manuals & Support

Find here manuals and guides to support you and sustainability in Davos from
15 – 21 January 2024.

WEF Sustainability Guidelines

Download: Manual “Local & Sustainable Suppliers Davos”

Renting things, cardboard or upcycled furniture or small items produced locally by people with a disability .. check out our tips and links, or call us if your need is not met. 


stiftung corymbo

World Economic Forum


City of Davos

We are super grateful to these partners and the many  others that work with us on this project, including: 

CvB Davos
Camastral AG